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How This Airport Parking Works?

  • The cars are taken offsite by a company that we use called Peter Ashley Car Parks Ltd, their drivers are fully insured whilst the cars are in transit and the cars are taken on an approximately 4 mile round trip.
  • The car park where the cars are taken in monitored 24 hours a day by CCTV.
  • The cars are brought back to the hotel in time for when the guest arrives back in the UK.
  • When you arrive at the hotel and check in you will be given paperwork for your parking the Receptionist will ask that you park the car round the back of the hotel in a bay on the outer perimeter by the fence.
  • You will then be asked to put a hook on the mirror, fill out a white form and a yellow form and then bring everything back to us with the car keys once you have completely finished with the car and you don’t need to go back to it at all.
  • When you are handing your car keys in the Receptionist will check over the paperwork and check that you don’t need anything else out of the car or to go back to it at all.
  • Once they have done this they will sign off that they have accepted the keys and then give you a copy of the paperwork to keep, you keep hold of this paperwork until you return from your holiday.
  • Hand this paper in to Reception when you arrive back at the hotel, you will be told where the car is located in our car park and given a ticket to get out through the barriers.