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Car Parking

At Bewley's Hotel Manchester Airport you are able to park your car before you go on holiday and stay on your return.

If you need to put overnight bags in the car then this isn’t a problem just hand the keys over to us in the morning before you leave.

When you arrive at the hotel just park as close to the hotel entrance as you can then when you check in we will tell you where to park the car and what to do.

If your car is going to stay with us for longer than the 8 or the 15 day package that you have booked then it’s charged at an additional £8 per extra day.
If you wanted to do a short term package for example 4 days then you can do this and parking is charged at £8 per day.

If you want to book a package and you are going away for 12 days then book on the up to 15 day package and this way you are covered for the whole of your stay.

Disabled spaces are available at the front of the hotel but are limited.

We do offer parking for non residents and this is charged at £2 per hour– Please make sure if you are parking the car you let Reception know first though.

Conference Parking – Charged at £2 per hour or £8 for the full day – all Conference parking is chargeable but the cars will be parked where you leave them in the hotel car park.

N.B! If you are going to leave you car before you stay allow yourself at least 30 minutes before you have to be across at the airport as you will need to park the car in our car park and fill out some paperwork.