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Airport Shuttle Service

The shuttle buses run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Anytime after 3.30am you would need to book the bus with Reception up until 11am (between these times the bus runs every 15 minutes), any time after this the bus is just on demand and you will need to wait outside and ask the drivers to take you across.

You are also able to arrange pick up from the airport / the train station all you need to do is call us from the courtesy phones which are by the exit doors and the information desks the number to dial is 3090 but it will also say the number on a board next to the phone, you will then be told where to wait for the bus and one of our drivers will come and collect you and bring you back to the hotel, the wait time for the bus can be anything up to 15 minutes depending on how busy the drivers are at the time.

We ask that when you are calling for a pick up from the airport that you call us from the arrivals hall.

The shuttle service is a courtesy service.

You are able to use the service to take your bags across to the airport the night before and also to go across to the train station that evening as well.

We have 3 buses running in the morning but at busy periods we will order taxis to accommodate everyone, our buses only hold 8 people so if you are in a big party you will have to go across on separate buses. Also at really busy times big party’s might have to book the bus at different times (for instance 15 minutes either side)
Unfortunately our shuttle service is only available to take guests across to all the terminals and the train station – they can’t take you into the city centre, any neighboring towns or to the car rental village.

When you are booking a bus from the airport and you are waiting for collection you need to look out for a white bus with Bewleys written on the side.